Achievements are accessed through the Journal Screen and display trophies actively being obtained and ones that have already been completed. Trophies are earned through in game battles or features. Every achievement comes with some form of a reward.


List of AchievementsEdit

Name Description Reward

Card Novice

Card novice
Collect 5 monster cards 5000 Gold

Crafting Apprentice

Craft ten unique items 100 Exp

Mountain Fishing

Fishing pillars
Catch all the fish in the Pillar Mountains Fish Hat

Urban Fishing

Fishing evergrind
Catch all the fish in and around Evergrind City Can Hat

Initiate Item Hunter

Items 25
Find 25 unique items 700 Gold

Hallow Fishing

Fishing hallow
Catch all the fish in Pumpkin Woods Scream Mask

Coin Collector

Amass a fortune of 10,000 gold ? Exp

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