Autumn Mage
Level 14
Health 440
Weakness -
Resistance -
Found in Temple of Seasons
QuestIndicator Update2

The seasonal wizard of autumn in the Temple of Seasons.

Flavor Text Edit

A living, magical cloak protecting the Temple of Seasons! One of three kinds, this being Autumn. As with all the Season Mages, the Autumn Mage attacks by casting blocks at the player. They will also create whirlwinds originating from their being, which move erratically. If the user is caught in one of the Whirlwinds then they will be unable to move and will move around with the Whirlwind until it dies out. The user can escape the whirlwind if they take damage. This will only occur when the Winter Mage is Empowered.

Drops Edit

Mage of Seasons Card
Season mage
Increases MATK by 10, Max EP by 5 and Cast Speed by 10.

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