Chain Lightning will hit the closest enemy in front of you (and in range), and will then jump to new enemies until the max amount of jumps has been reached, or there are no more enemies to jump to.



Charge Description Level Aquired Jumps Mana Required
None Shocks the closest enemy in range in front of the player, then will jump till it reaches its jump limit or has no more enemys to jump to. 0  2 20
Charge bronze
Increases the max number of jumps by 1. 1 3 25
Charge silver
Increases the max number of jumps by 4. Lightning can now jump backwards if there are no new enemy's to jump to (Enemy's hit twice take half damage). 5 7 35
Charge gold
Summon a huge lightning bolt from the sky, which finds nearby enemies all around you, creating up to 3 separate lightning bolts which will all jump around between targets as normal 10 7 45
Charge final
? ? ? ?