Secrets of Grindea Development Video 2 - Character Creation01:59

Secrets of Grindea Development Video 2 - Character Creation


Character Creation's current state offers 7 different customization options for your character. The 8th option is choosing a Pre-Made set.

Current character creation options are:

  • Switch Gender
  • Hairstyle (Currently 8 different hairstyles for each sex with a possible chance of 20 by release)
  • Hair Color  (Currently 30 different colors)
  • Skin Color (Currently 6 different colors)
  • Scarf (Color option has 30 different colors)
  • Sweater (Color option has 30 different colors)
  • Pants  (Color option has 30 different colors)
  • Pre-Made Set (Will randomize all options)

Hitting the Tab key while in the customization menu will rotate your sprite to see all angles of the chosen options.

Once completing the character creation you will be asked to name your character. After completing that your sprite will enter one of 3 saved slots (Now there's 9 save slots). It will display the characters name, level, latest save point, completion percentage and time played down to the second.

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