Cloud Strike Summons a happy but deadly cloud, which will follow the player and will attack all hostile enemies. It will only disband when the player unsummons it. It is untargetable by enemies and will fly through obstacles. However until it is dismissed the mana used to summon it will not regenerate.


Charge Description Level Aquired Mana Required (EP)
None Summons a cloud to help the player in battle. 0 15
Charge bronze
Can attack flying enemies as well. Attacks slightly faster. 1 20
Charge silver
Summons a bigger cloud, which attacks faster and deals more damage each strike. 5 35
Charge gold
Summons an angry thundercloud, which deals more damage and looks totally terrifying! If there are other enemies close by, the lightning will jump to the closest one and deal additional damage. 10 50
Charge final
? ? ?