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Collectors Headquarters Edit

The famous Collectors Headquarters is home to all of the treasures and uncovered artifacts found by past collectors.

Map Edit

1: Evergind City 2: Quinton 3: Luke 4: Dad
5: Memory Room 6: Master Collector

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Main Edit

  • He's inside Collectors Headquarters, at north in the Evergrind City.
  • Dad default [ Dad ]
  • Luke default [ Luke ]
  • Smirk [ Marino von Grinden ]

    Marino Edit

    Marino is a fellow contestant in the Collector's Exam, and a member of the Von Grinden family, who fund the Arena the exam takes place in. During the Collector's Exam he completes the fishing event in half your time and beats you in the puzzle event in an unstated amount of time. After you retrieve Amalet from the Flying Fortress and go to Evergrind City, Marino steals Amalet from you, causing a chase to break out until he runs to the Von Grinden estate, where a boss fight starts.

    Personality Edit

  • Master Collector

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