Cursed Priestess

Cursed Priestess
Level 10
Health 30000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming
Cursed priestess sprite

The Cursed Priestess is a boss that appears when the player enters the town in Mt. Bloom.

When the player enters, they go to examine a statue which Bag comments on. The statue then erupts into the boss and she begins to attack. After she is defeated, she makes note of knowing the player, by name.


When entering Tai Ming for the first time, you were met with an old statue, that exploded and revealed the town guardian: a Cursed Priestess!

Trained since youth, priests and priestesses of old were highly adept at fighting with combat fans. After a tough struggle, it was revealed that this priestess somehow knew you?!

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Flavor Text Edit

An ancient protector of the town Tai Ming, cursed with eternal life.


Priestess' of this village are taught to use War Fans for combat so this is her main attack. She creates circling patterns around her with these fans as well as launching them off. She can also make a vertical or horizontal line of the fans and then launch them down; leaving a small gap to evade the attack. Her strongest attack, however, is when she creates a circle around her in fans and draws you close to her. She then moves location while randomly spawning fans. As she constantly drags the player in, the player must dodge the fans and move to the new location. It is not possible to break out of the fan ring.