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Dodging Strike Upon pressing the skill button, your character will immediately jump backwards a short distance. When you release, you will dash back to your starting location, dealing damage to anything in your way.

If an enemy strikes the spot you jumped from before the backdash is complete, your attack will be empowered, charge quicker and charged versions will cost less additional energy. It may also cause them to cancel their attack animation and lead them to stand static for a few moments.

Unlike most skills and spells, the initial cost of the spell can not be recovered by cancelling the charge.



Charge Description Level Required Damage Mana Required


None Dash backwards to avoid your foes and return with a powerful slash! Stylish dodges will increase damage.  0 ? 15%
Charge bronze
Deals slightly more damage. 1 ? 20%
Charge silver
Deals more damage, and has more breaking power, increasing the chance of knocking back your opponent. Has high chance of inflicting stun on target opponent while also having a low chance to stun any opponents in the path between user and targeted opponent. 5 ? 25%
Charge gold
Deals more damage, increased knockback chance. Improves stun rate for all targets. If a perfect counter is executed then the attacking target will become 'Marked'; visible by a small skull a crossbones above the target. Attacking a 'Marked' target causes increased damage to stack. This ability has a 100% chance to 'Mark' the target if a perfect counter is executed. It will not occur without a perfect dodge. ? ? ?
Charge final
? ? ? ?