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Enraged Toy Machine Edit

This machine was used to create nice toys for children all around the world, but it seems that it has gone haywire and must now be destroyed.

When the fight starts there will be a few FrostlingroguespriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Frostling Rogue ] and FrostlingscoundrelspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Frostling Scoundrel ] to take care of before being able to focus on the Enraged Toy Machine.

After defeating a couple of waves with GiftspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Gift ] and PresentspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Present ], Luke default [ Luke ] will barge in to the control room along with Fae elderspring [ Naniva ] and start to spawn Toy Trains.

Enraged Toy Machine
Level  ?
Health 100000
Weakness Toy Trains
Resistance None
Found in Toy Factory
ToyFactory Portrait

Abilities Edit

Spawn - Spawns multiple GiftspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Gift ] and PresentspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Present ] that attack the player.

Choo Choo - Spawns a toy train that follows a switchable rail way in the room. If the toy train is directed into the Enraged Toy Machine it will take massive damage.

Carpet Bombs - Throws multiple bombs in a horizontal row across the room crossing the player's current position.