Facegear are cosmetic items that either cover the face or a portion of the face in a decorative way.

(Facegear can be used with Hats!)

List of facegear Edit

Item Type DEF MaxHP MaxEP ATK MATK ASPD CSPD EPReg Crit Crit Chance Shield HP Special Source Price
Blindfold [ Blindfold ] Facegear 5 Chest in Pumpkin Woods
Pumpkinhat [ Pumpkin Mask ] Hat, Facegear 10 20 JumpkinspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Jumpkin ]
Eyebrows [ Angry Eyebrows ] Facegear Arcade Mode
Spectacles [ Spectacles ] Facegear 15 Hatshop owner [ Mr Fabulous ]
300 GoldCoin
THE SCREAM [ The Scream ] Facegear Fishing hallow [ Hallow Fishing ]
Fancy Beard [ Fancy Beard ] Facegear Arcade Mode

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