Zontetitle flyingfortress

The Flying Fortress is the first dungeon in Secrets of Grindea.


The Entrance to the Flying Fortress

Story Edit

The player is given a quest by Quinton to place a teleport plate outside an Ancient Temple. When the plate is placed, Bag hints that treasures might be found inside. Upon entering the temple it is completely lifeless and still and the player proceeds further inside and stumbles upon an Ancient Machine. After starting up the Ancient Machine, the various inhibitants of the temple come to life and while backtracking the player realizes that the temple is now in fact flying high above the ground.

Ancient Machine

An Ancient Machine

Flying Fortress Indoors

An indoors area inside the Flying Fortress

Dungeon Anatomy Edit

The Flying Fortress is divided into three wings; The Eastern Wing, The Western Wing and The Center Wing. Each of these wings host a dormant Ancient Machine that needs to be started to reach the final boss. The Ancient Machine in the Center Wing is completely unguarded and is the first machine to be started, this also makes the temple fly.

The second Ancient Machine can be found in the Eastern Wing and is guarded by Phaseman.

The third and final Ancient Machine can be found in the Western Wing and is guarded by The Sentry.

When all Ancient Machines have been started the player can venture further inside the Central Wing into the Boss Chamber of GUN-D4M.

Flying Fortress Outdoors PhasePlate

An outside area with a Phase Plate


1: Teleport Plate 2: Ancient Machine (Center)
3: Perfect Guard Challenge 4: Phaseman 5: Ancient Machine (East)
6: Bullet Hell Gauntlet 7: Key
8: Phase Shift Puzzle 9: Key 10: The Sentry 11: Ancient Machine (West)
12: GUN-D4M

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Bosses Edit

Mini Bosses Edit

Phaseman DownQuestIndicator Update2 [ Phaseman ] - Phaseman was created by scientist of the old world in an attempt to eliminate a looming threat. It had extensive combat capabilities, along with extraordinary phase shifting feature. Thanks to its superhuman strength it can carry all the components required for phasing, making it able to phase at will.

SentryspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ The Sentry ] - A stationary and over-sized Guardian constantly spawning monsters.

Main Boss Edit

Gund4mspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ GUN-D4M ] - The GUN-D4M was built to replace the diminishing Phaseman but scientists and engineers had a hard time finding a suitable power source for the GUN-D4M. Due to the difficulties finding a stable power source, followed by a tragic accident, development was halted and GUN-D4M was put in storage indefinitely.