Frostling Rogue card
You're now an expert pickpocket! Hitting enemies will occasionally make them drop money.

The Frostlings are a bunch of mischevious creatures living in Seasonne.

Frostling Rogues are the melee type of frostlings and can be found in the Northern and Eastern areas of Seasonne.

Flavor Text Edit

The Frosting Rogues wield short sticks, which they use to distract you while they reach for coin pouch! If they steal from you, be sure to defeat them quickly before they run away with your life savings.

Frostling Rogue
Level 11
Health 750
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Seasonne

Frostling Rogue


A hood used by the frostlings of Seasonne. Makes you look kind of creepy!

Abilities Edit

Steal Gold (Thief)