Frosty Friend is a spell that summons a snow creature to follow you around and help you in fights.  The Frosty Friend is a physical participant in combat, meaning it can be attacked and defeated by enemies.

If the creature is defeated, it will lie dazed until you resurrect it by standing close to it for 4 seconds.  If wounded but not defeated, it will recover HP while out of combat or desummoned.  You cannot desummon your Frosty Friend if it is knocked out! 

Note: Resurrection is disabled in Arade mode!  The Frosty Friend will revive at the start of each new room.


Charge Description Level Required Mana Required 
None Summon a snow creature to follow you and help you in fights.

Summon Command: Guard

0 35
Charge bronze
Increases the health and attack strength of your Frosty Friend. 1 40
Charge silver
Summons a larger version of the Frosty Friend, with more HP and greater stun resistance.

Summon Command: Frenzy

5 50
Charge gold
Summon a huge version of Frosty Friend, with a great amount of HP, stun resistance and damage.

Summon Command: Smash

10 60
Charge final
? ? ?