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Furious GigaslimeEdit

The Furios Gigaslime is encountered in the arena during the Red Redemption challenge. The Furious Gigaslime's moves and attacks are similar to those of the regular Gigaslime, but he jumps three times in a row before pausing rather than once. He also hits harder and has a much larger health pool.

Furious Gigaslime
Level  ?
Health 10000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Arena


Hammer - This ability is triggered when getting too close to the gigaslime. he will partially turn into a hammer and slam the ground in the ground at the players current location

Spawn - It has the ability to spit out smaller Red Slimes with them falling on the players current location.

Saw - This ability turns the gigaslime into a flattened circle with spikes all around, in which it spins itself to high speeds. During this ability the gigaslimes speed is increased greatly and it makes this ability hard to dodge.

(Passive) Slime - Every where the gigaslime has landed after jumping there will be red slime left behind. This slime slows the player when passing through it making it easier for the gigaslime to catch up. Also the smaller slimes spawned by the gigaslime will leave red slime upon landing, but no longer after that.

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