GUN-D4M Edit

The GUN-D4M was built to replace the diminishing Phaseman but scientists and engineers had a hard time finding a suitable power source for the GUN-D4M. Due to the difficulties finding a stable power source, followed by a tragic accident, development was halted and GUN-D4M was put in storage indefinitely.

It was activated again after a thousand year slumber when Amalet attempted to use it as a vessel for world domination.

Level 10
Health 3750
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Flying Fortress

Flavor Text Edit

GUN-D4M is a huge military robot developed a long time ago at the Flying Fortress.

Gun-d4m portrait

Abilities Edit

There are 3 sections to the Boss. The Hands, The Body and The Artifact.

The Hands: Edit

The Hands have their own Health bar. The player must attack them to eventually damage the Boss. The Hands, once attacked, will curl into a fist and then 'Punch' in a vertical line relating to where the player is. The 'Punch' is delayed after targeting and delayed after the 'Punch', before it returns. After The Hands take enough damage then they will slam on the arena. If the player is underneath The Hands, they will deal damage to the player.

The Body: Edit

The Body is the main section of the GUN-D4M. At regular intervals, the body will reveal multiple missile launches which proceed to carpet bomb the arena at random. The arena will light up with red reticules in random areas before disappearing and an explosion takes place; dealing damage if the player is caught up in it. The only other attack is when the player stands on the shoulders for too long. If the player does, indeed, stand on the shoulders of the GUN-D4M for too long then the entire body and head will surge with electricity, dealing significant damage and throwing the player from the body back to the Arena. This attack can be circumvented by simply jumping off of the lipped shoulders when the GUN-D4M begins to shake.

The Artifact: Edit

The Artifact is positioned within the head of the GUN-D4M behind its mouth opening. At points within the fight, the visor will open to reveal the Artifact which will then proceed with its attack. this can come in the form of a small laser that goes vertically along the centre of the arena which limits dodging space. It can also spawn Danmaku style bullets that spread in varying patterns. When the boss is defeated, it will go into a final attack mode. While in this mode, the Artifact is causing most of the attacks; combining the bullets and 'Final Spark' laser along with the carpet bombing missiles in dense numbers. This wave is more survival based and will end shortly.

Drops Edit