Currently there are only two game modes featured in Secrets of Grindea.

Story ModeEdit

Story Mode is the mode where you (alone or with friends) progress through your adventure to become a collector, completing quests and making friends (as well as some enemies) along the way!

Arcade ModeEdit

Nearly endless fun, progress through the main theme-lands of story mode Pillar Mountains
Let's Play Secrets of Grindea Roguelike Mode Episode 37 - Kir-Bees31:56

Let's Play Secrets of Grindea Roguelike Mode Episode 37 - Kir-Bees

Evergrind Fields, Pumpkin Woods), defeating key enemies from each theme as you go. With (currently) 2 floors per theme, challenge yourself with this mode as it is locked in the hard difficulty. Don't think your efforts will not be rewarded, young collector! The farther you progress the higher your score, and with each run completed your collective score goes up. Periodically at certain score totals, you can upgrade your base of operations (which also holds your home) to include more npcs and open up quests. Not only do you upgrade your home area, you also unlock vanity items and furniture that carry over into story mode on each of your characters, new and old!

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