Giant Thorn Worm

Description Edit

The Giant Thorn Worm (or Giant Thorn Worms) are a pair of bosses located in the second Half of Tai Ming. They are mentioned by numerous characters throughout the areas of both Mt. Bloom and Tai Ming Village.

Flavor Text Edit

Some people think the regular Thorn-Worms are large. Those people haven't seen a Giant Thorn-Worm.

Giant Thorn Worm
Level 10
Health 16500
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming
Giant thorn worm pair sprite

Story Edit

When you approach Kinton with the aim of gaining one of the 3 Emblems from the Collectors; he mentions that the adults are off fighting and have no time for quests before giving the Player 2 quests. After these quests are done, the screen shakes and Kinton becomes aware of the Worms' approach. Both the Player and Kinton then walk outside to see the defeat of the collectors and guards at the hands of the unseen enemies. It is then left to Kinton to fight off the Worms; despite having a broken arm. Just then, the Giant Thorn Worm will emerge from the ground and flicks Kinton into the the reservoir of the dam. As the only remaining collector standing, it is left to the Player to defeat it.
Thorn-Worm Portrait

After a bit of fighting with the boss, the second Giant Thorn Worm emerges and assists its partner. After both Worms are defeated the leader of the Thorn Worms, the Giant Thorn Worm Matriarch will emerge. But you don't need to worry about that, the Collectors have some backup...

Abilities Edit

Much like other multiple creature bosses the Giant Thorn Worm has few attacks.

Burrow The Giant Thorn Worm will burrow under the ground, preventing the player from damaging them. This 'attack' is more used to set up the start of other attacks than actually to damage the player. The ground will slightly raise and will visibly show the Worm's tunneling location a second before the worm will return to the surface.

Tail Whap The tail of the Giant Thorn Worm will surface and then slam onto the ground, related to the direction of the player.