Gigaslime card

Giga SlimeEdit

The Wobbling Giant is encountered in your exam at the arena. He first appears as a regular green slime but then grows to his enormous size. He moves by jumping like regular slimes but has a greater jump radius. (He can be faced anytime at the Arena during the Gauntlet Trial.)

Flavor Text Edit

A Slime that's grown way too big...

Level 8
Health 1500
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Arena


Hammer - This ability is triggered when getting too close to the Giga Slime. He will partially turn into a hammer and slam the ground in the ground at the players current location.

Spawn - It has the ability to spit out smaller green slimes with them falling on the players current location.

Saw - This ability turns the Giga Slime into a flattened circle with spikes all around, in which it spins itself to high speeds. During this ability the Giga Slime's speed is increased greatly and it makes this ability hard to dodge. This ability can be blocked using a shield.

Gigaslime portrait

(Passive) Slime - Every where the Giga Slime has landed after jumping there will be green slime left behind. This slime slows the player when passing through it making it easier for the Giga Slime to catch up. Also the smaller slimes spawned by the Giga Slime will leave green slime upon landing, but no longer after that.


In arcade mode, it may drop the following items: