Green slime card
Items and coins gravitate towards you at greater speed and range, making them easier to collect!

Flavor Text Edit

So green and slimy!

No one really knows where they came from, but there sure are alot of them. They love eating stuff, and keep it all in their bodies as trophies.

Description Edit

Green Slimes are the first and easiest enemies in the game. As implied by their name, Green Slimes look like little green slimes, similar to many other games' starting enemy and are found in the Pillar Mountains alongside Rabbys and sometimes Mrs. Bees.

When a green slime is near the player, it will reel back and then lunge at the player. This will deal damage. Using a shield against the lunge will cancel the attack. If the player performs a perfect block, the Green Slime will move back a bit.

An empowered Green Slime will leave a trail of green slime on the ground, slowing the player upon walking on it.


Green Slime
Level 2
Health 60
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Pillar Mountains Arena
Green Slime Idle

Green Slime