Insect Swarm is a spell that summons a swarm of insects which travels in a straight line from your character.  If they hit an enemy, they will start attacking it.

When the enemy dies, the swarm will automatically target another nearby enemy to attack, and keep doing so untill the last member of the swarm is dead.

If the swarm gets the killing blow on an enemy, it will resurrect some of its fallen members, prolonging its duration.


Charge Description Level Required Mana Required 

Summon a swarm of insects which travels in a straight line from your character. (Charge Time: Medium)

Duration: 6 sec (+0.2 per skill level)

0 30
Charge bronze

The swarm's health is increased, it moves faster and also applies a slight slow on enemies it attacks.

Duration: 7 sec (+0.2 per skill level)

1 45
Charge silver

The insects take on a larger form, making them harder, better, faster and stronger.

Duration: 10 sec (+0.2 per skill level)

5 45
Charge gold
? ? ?
Charge final
? ? ?

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