Monkey card
Increases the drop rate of all edible drops (honey, bananas, etc)

Flavor Text Edit

You enriched Tai Ming's ecosystem by releasing these annoying creatures a thousand years ago!

Description Edit

Originally from a land far away, Monkeys were imported by a scientist in Tai Ming to be studied due to its close resemblance to humans. Unfortunately for the scientist (but fortunately for the monkeys), a young Collector from the future decided to free them! Centuries later they are one of the dominant creatures of the region.

Monkeys are fast and unpredictable, but most notably have incredible uper body strength. They can lift and throw almost anything, creating much chaos in the battlefield.

Level 18
Health 2600
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming

Drops Edit

Monkey lifting worm

Monkey lifting a Thorn Worm