Mrs bee card
Increases the max durability of shields by 25

Flavor Text Edit

A super cute little bee that wouldn't dream of stalking and attacking weary travelers in The Mountains!

Protip: Bees are flying enemies and can only be attacked when they swoop down towards the ground! Have you tried using the shield against them?

Description Edit

Mrs. Bees are the first enemy that you encounter that you are recommended to use your shield against in combat. They are found in the Pillar Mountains and the Arena. Unlike most enemies, damage can only be dealt to them while they attack.

Attack Strategy Edit

There are three ways to attack Mrs. Bees:

  • The first way is highly recommended for newplayers and when fighting multiple Mrs. Bees at once. When they are about to attack, deploy your shield to block their attack. This will knock the Mrs. Bee backwards and will temporarily knock them on the ground, stunned. Attack them once to defeat them before they get back up.
  • Another way to defeat them is to wait until they are about to attack, quickly move up or down and turn around to face where you originally were, and time your attack to hit the Mrs. Bee. If you time correctly, you will hit and kill the enemy. This is a faster technique of killing Mrs. Bees and you can do it even if your shield is broken.
  • Like the last technique, wait until they are about to attack, and then time your attack (while facing towards them) to hit them right before they hit you. This is the hardest way, but the quickest.
Mrs. Bee
Level 5
Health 50
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Pillar Mountains Arena
MrsBee Idle

Mrs. Bee


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