Version: 0.56i
Release date: Teddy, Apr 20, 2014
Summary: Once again the releases are branched. This patch contains some more bug fixes, small balance changes, but most importantly (for me!) improved error reporting. For GoodStuff, the most important change is probably those to Arcade Mode's Furious Giga Slime! The duration of his slime has been reduced by 60 % while the power of the slow has been doubled.


  • Players will now receive a notification when a new player has left or joined the session
  • A random player name will appear in the Enter Name-box automatically when selecting Randomize in Arcade Mode


  • The window to activate the perfect stance bonus (gained by perfect guarding) has been increased to 1.5s from 0.5s
  • The duration of the Furious Giga Slime's trails have been shortened in Arcade Mode (not Story Mode)
  • The slow of the Furious Giga Slime's jump trails have been increased in Arcade Mode (not Story Mode)
  • The range of examine icons showing above stuff you can examine has been increased
  • Upon entering a new room, everything examinable will have its icon triggered for one second
  • Players now get a notice the first time they obtain a map, telling them they can view it from the journal

Bug Fixes

  • Enemies cloned through Reverend's cloning bet in Arcade Mode will now become elite if the source was elite
  • You now actually get the correct upgrade if you reach 30 000 000 total score in Arcade Mode
  • Gamepad users can now once again rotate portraits using RB / R1
  • The program now correctly flags the session as Local when exiting a multiplayer session, preventing crashes
  • When using Wind Slash as client, the arrows will now sync properly to the spell
  • The chat should no longer outrun how far you can scroll down, resulting in unreadable messages
  • The clouds in the right hub of Flying Fortress should no longer escape into other rooms

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