Version: 0.572a
Release date: Jun 16, 2014
Summary: Old players should probably back up your save before going into the game! You do this by going to %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea/ and then copy the save files in World and Character. Since the update makes changes to main story progress, it might be possible to get completely stuck!

The addition this time has been very asset thick, creating a new boss encounter followed by a bunch of cutscenes in the HQ. You can probably run through the new content pretty quick, but even small batches of content can contain a large amount of bugs, so test away! :D

We'd really appreciate some basic feedback on the Marino fight as well! Was it fun? Was it too easy or too hard?

Here's a thread that Fred created on the topic:



  • The elite ghosty in the Pumpkin Woods main quest is now in a more apparent location
  • All potions can now be fed to pets, but with much less exp gain than the damage potions used to give

Bug Fixes

  • The direction detection for attack collisions are now more precise, fixing some issues with shielding
  • When starting the second generator in the Flying Fortress, the first power lines are now there
  • Perfect Guarding while in Berserk Mode now actually stops energy decay for one second
  • The game no longer creates duplicate Language folders
  • Loading .dlf files with 'custom' or 'override' as set language no longer crashes the game

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