Version: 0.580b
Release date: Aug 9, 2014
Summary: Fixed some common issues with the content released in the patch below. Also attached a .wld file where the Toy Factory quest hasn't been triggered (for people interested in replaying it). Go to %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea/Worlds and name it 0, 1 or 2 depending on which character slot you want it to use.


  • The Toy Factory boss now forcefully triggers the cutscene with Luke on a much higher % of health (up to 80 % from 45 %)
  • The size of the cutscene trigger outside of Santa Fae has been increased to disallow players for going to the caves instead
  • The detonation time for the falling bombs while playing the train challenge on Hard has been increased
  • To compensate, the puzzle will last longer on Hard (making it easier to master but harder to 'tank through')
  • You can no longer avoid taking damage in the bomb challenge by pressing yourself to the bottom right

Bug Fixes

  • There is now a door blocking the Toy Factory before you get the quest to enter it
  • Trying to read the details about Gifts and Presents will no longer crash the game
  • The Winterland enemies now have their correct animations on display in the Codex, as well as the correct background
  • You no longer take damage if a cutscene triggers, making you unable to escape bombs
  • The Insect Swarm can now damage the Enraged Toy Machine

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