Version: 0.580d
Release date: Aug 18, 2014
Summary: This update should totally have received a higher version number and not just a "c", but I've already uploaded it so whatever! Anyway: Talents!

We've added the talent system, a skill point refund system, and removed one of the planned charge levels for spells. You can read more about it all in today's blog post.

To start things off, we've added 10 talents for each tree (including some suggested by you guys!), but that's just the beginning. We're planning to add a bunch more, but we thought we would test it out a bit in the wild before deciding what directions to take. My dream scenario is having 20-30 talents in each category!


  • The new Talent system has been added to the game, with 30 Talents to start things off
  • A skill point Refund system has been implemented and costs [(level - 1) * 100] gold per point


  • The Frostling Scoundrels will now fight back if cornered rather than endlessly flee
  • All active spells have gotten their ultimate charges removed, and their max levels have been reduced to 10
  • The pace at which you get skill points has been altered
  • The quest Cooking Witch Candy now gives a Talent Orb instead of a Bronze Point

Bug Fixes

  • The cutscene in western Seasonne will no longer trigger (and crash) if Naniva is not with the party
  • Going from the northern Seasonne to the southeast map no longer puts the player on the wrong collision layer
  • Casting uncharged flame throwers while slipping on ice no longer teleports you to a different dimension

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