Version: 0.599a
Release date: Teddy, Feb 4, 2015
Summary: This surprise patch features some small changes, bug fixes and one important addition: a release candidate implementation of the Temple of Seasons boss! Currently, it's mechanics only, meaning the boss have no cutscenes and beating him does not actually progress the game. Also, the room visuals and some boss related graphics are not final. The reason why we do this update is to stay true to the promise of updating the game in smaller pieces, whenever we want feedback on something new. We figured we might as well collect feedback on the boss battle while we're working on the padding (i.e. cutscenes)!

So, if you don't mind battling the boss without the proper cutscene, jump in, try him out and tell us how it felt!


  • The BAUS has been added to the Temple of Seasons


  • The Lumber Axe no longer does a billion trillion damage
  • A Summer Mage constant spawn has been added to the small battle room in the right Season Temple wing

Bug Fixes

  • It's no longer possible to get stuck in the water in the water puzzle by changing season to summer while standing on the ice
  • One shotting a Season Mage before it has fully spawned no longer grants it undead powers of destruction
  • Killing an Autumn Knight doing a tornado empowered whirlslash no longer leaves a faux whirlwind behind forever
  • Moving between game menu tabs using the shoulder buttons of a controller now works with the new crafting tab
  • Unknown items will once again appear as black silhouettes in the preview window to the left
  • When going into the crafting menu, the preview appear immediately (previously you had to move the cursor)
  • Mushrooms from the Autumn Hydra should no longer be infinitely stackable on the same spot for no conceivable benefit
  • Translations will now have stylized texts (such as main menu strings) properly updated upon loading the new translation
  • Zapping chickens with Chain Lightning no longer shatters the universe (but it's still pretty mean)
  • Insect Swarm damage has been nerfed slightly while waiting for a potential rework

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