Version: 0.599c
Release date: Teddy, Feb 24, 2015
Summary: Time 4 Friendship guise! My apologies for rolling out this patch a few days late. Its main feature is not important to everyone, but very important to some, namely: multiplayer is now enabled in Temple of Seasons! Multiplayer is a bitch to test, so unlike the other patches the risk for the game behaving badly is much greater (although not so great that it should be expected). Then again, that's what a beta is for, right?

There are now a couple of semi-placeholder cutscenes before and after the last temple boss, framing the fight a bit better. Especially the cutscene at the end will receive an overhaul before moving on with the story! Anyways... patch notes!


  • Added multiplayer support to the Temple of Seasons


  • Winter's Frozen Winds now only slow the players by 30 %, down from 60 %
  • Winter's winds from the side has been widened to accomodate a slightly changed map layout
  • Gifts and Presents now continuously spawn in the gift box battle room of the Toy Factory after beating the mini-dungeon
  • Anita, the mom of the poor family in Seasonne, is no longer wearing her Santa-costume

Bug Fixes

  • The Poor Thanksgiving quest in Seasonne can now be completed even if you have already collected the items upon receiving the quest
  • Made some pretty significant networking changes that hopefully haven't destroyed everything
  • The game no longer crashes if inspecting the last ingredient of a recipe and then moving to a recipe with fewer ingredients
  • Going into Santa Fae in multiplayer no longer crashes everyone
  • Book hungry Rabbys will no longer eat translated stylized texts when going in or out of full screen
  • Fixed the lack of ice reflections in a couple of temple rooms
  • Perfect guarding a hydra head at the edge of the playfield should no longer make it land in the water

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