Version: 0.599d
Release date: Teddy, Mar 31, 2015
Summary: I know I promised this patch to arrive during the weekend, but I was sidetracked by adding some more stuff than I had originally planned! (I also admittedly blew most of Saturday on Pillars of Eternity...)

Anyways, the main focus of this patch is on Arcade Mode, which has gotten some pretty significant balance changes applied to the healing part, as well as four new floors! Our own testing suggests that the effects are very noticable, but it only feels "fair". I'm actually guessing the new Arcade Mode is roughly as difficult as the old one, despite the new floors! This might seem like a weird non-change, but we feel the difficulty on future floors is going to scale much more smoothly after this.

We've also added a few new items (some of which escaped the patch notes). The ones not listed are Winter's Guard (shield),Armor of Autumn and Summer Greaves. (edit: and a Gift Box Shield!) 

Oh, and you can also specify Arcade Mode seeds now, which means you can create a persistent labyrinth! This is mostly for speedrunning, I'd think. Use it with "/seed <whatever>" when in Arcadia


  • Two Seasonne floors and two Temple of Seasons floors have been added to the Arcade Mode
  • When reaching a new floor with full health, the Health Orb will become a Health Potion, which heals for 20 % of MaxHP on use
  • You can now specify Arcade Mode seed by using /seed, which lowers score by 90 %, reduces Essence and disables Trophies
  • You can now drop items in the ground for other players to pick up (Story Mode only!)
  • There's now a limited range of emotes you can use - see a list with the /emote command!
  • A lot of the things in Seasonne and the Toy Factory now sounds like the stuff they are instead of slimes!
  • A craftable 'Energy Shield' has been added


  • Puzzle Rewind Plates will now show a 'Gather Friends' popup in multiplayer
  • Bombs no longer detonate from player damage below Hard difficulty
  • Luigi has oiled his shears in Arcadia, muting their sound for now
  • Health Orbs now heal for 35 % of MaxHP in Arcade Mode (up from 20 %)
  • If you didn't take the start room Health Orb on an Arcade Mode floor, you can now come back and take it later
  • Insect Swarm no longer applies a slowing debuff to enemies

Bug Fixes

  • Arcade Mode Fishing Rooms now work properly in Pumpkin Woods and Seasonne
  • Enemies with tons of HP now properly auto destruct at the end of challenge rooms in Arcade Mode
  • Dead players now revive automatically upon defeating Summer & Autumn and the Season Hydras
  • The Zoo boss in Arcade Mode now properly drops an item upon defeat!
  • Persistant spells, such as Shadow Clone, Berserk, Cloud etc should no longer be shut down by Winters first spell
  • Insect Swarm should no longer erase stuff on clients upon casting

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