Version: 0.599e
Release date: Teddy, Apr 11, 2015
Summary: Bring your bug nets, people! Steam Networking is here! There are also some well needed bug fixes for the rather severe Arcade Mode bugs happening on the new floors.

Currently you can only invite friends to Steam multiplayer games (or have them join you by right clicking in their friend list). I'm honestly stumped as to why the green "Join Game" button does not appear on community profiles, though. I've posted about it on the Steam Developer forums, so with some luck that might be resolved.

Also, the Round Robin item share setting is now available! How this work is simply that everyone gets an equal share of stuff picked up, no matter who actually picked them up.

The most anticipated feature, however, is probably that you can write /startlog Own, press Escape to bring up the menu, close the menu, and then write /stoplog to get a super interesting log of key presses and stuff!!


  • Steam users can now connect to friends using the invite screen in the lobby, or via the regular Steam Friend List
  • The Round Robin item share setting has been added, and has been made the default option
  • The Main Menu Options have a new setting (Network) allowing you to switch between IP and Steam


  • The Lobby chat messages now fill up from the bottom of the window, like in any respectable chat!
  • Coins are now distributed as per Round Robin regardless of item share setting

Bug Fixes

  • Arcade Mode should no longer randomly crash when changing rooms in Temple of Seasons
  • Summer & Autumn no longer bails on their boss battle in Arcade Mode, Temple of Seasons
  • In Arcade Mode, leaving the Toy Factory Boss room after it's been defeated no longer makes it disappear, leaving you stranded
  • Enemies should no longer be able to spawn during cutscenes, confusing clients
  • Freezing an appearing Halloweed with the Winter's Guard no longer causes it to become invulnerable
  • Marino should now drop loot properly after getting his butt kicked in Arcade Mode
  • Gaining cards which increase HP now properly interact with %HP bonuses
  • The game now properly remembers your preferred language

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