Version: 0.59a
Release date: Teddy, Jan 14, 2015
Summary: This update allows you to turn in the Toy Factory quest and continue on with your journey, entering the Temple of Seasons! You can't go through the entire temple yet, but we upload this update so those interested can do what we have beta testers for: test stuff!

Roughly half the temple will be available in this patch, including most enemies and two out of three bosses.

Please note that many details are not implemented properly, including sound effects and the actual temple music!

Recommended levels: 12-14

Veterans! Please try out the new content with reasonably leveled and equipped characters! I have unlocked some of the more powerful chat commands, including "/setlevel X" where you can lower or raise your level however you like, and also "/equip" which will give you an assortment of equipment if you want to try something with more or less powerful gear.


  • A crafting section has been added to the in-game menu, enabling you to craft regardless of location
  • Crafting recipes can now be tracked like quests (done from the recipe list)
  • Fishing rooms will now occasionally appear in Arcade Mode even outside the fishing quest
  • Added story resume points in Seasonne and Santa Fae
  • Story continuation: you can now turn in the Toy Factory quest and play parts of Temple of Seasons


  • Crafting has been removed from shops
  • Several quests have had their rewards changed from just EXP into a Talent Orb
  • The Toy Blocks in the conveyor belt room in the Factory now disappears quicker after being destroyed
  • There are now more variants of the same Toy Block
  • While doing the no-healing quest in Arcade Mode, the nurse will no longer show up
  • Lots and lots of portraits have been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Double-binding a spell and then refunding it no longer lets you keep using the spell
  • Getting caught by the Halloweed boss as a client in Arcade Mode should no longer make the game unresponsive
  • You can no longer cancel a skill charge into a phase shift, causing extravagant glitches
  • The Brawler talent should now be working properly
  • Exiting and re-entering a fishing room in Arcade Mode no longer resets the room timer
  • You can now cancel Oldman's Arcade Mode quest without talking to him twice
  • When selling equipment, the preview window no longer lingers on the sold item
  • Unequipping a perk is now communicated properly between server and clients
  • Perks should now be initialized properly for when a client connects into Arcadia

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