Phaseman card

Phaseman Edit

Phaseman was created by scientist of the old world in an attempt to eliminate a looming threat. It had extensive combat capabilities, along with extraordinary phase shifting feature. Thanks to its superhuman strength it can carry all the components required for phasing, making it able to phase at will.

Flavor Text Edit

Phaseman is phased by no man!

Level 7
Health 650
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Flying Fortress
Phaseman Down

Abilities Edit

Phase Shift - Phaseman can quickly transport to a different location using Phase Shift. This ability is learned by the player upon defeating Phaseman.


Trivia Edit

It's highly probable that when Phaseman engages the player in combat, it isn't actually attacking the player, but rather Bag who is located on the player.

Sentient Container

[pp]ALLEGIENCE: Fahrmamera
[pp]ACTION: Immediate termination

Phaseman DownQuestIndicator Update2 [ Phaseman ],Opening dialogue before fight

There is an interesting comment in the Dialogue Translation Tool for this dialogue.

Comment: "Sentinent Container" as in "Living Bag", Fahrmamera is a person.
Dialogue Translation Tool,[Flying Temple -> Phaseman01 -> Part 2]

"MARISA" is a reference to a character from the Touhou bullet hell series. This can be most notably seen in Phaseman's laser attack where he charges up and fires a laser directly down the arena. This is probably a reference to Marisa's 'Master Spark'.