Potions are able to temporarily boost your characters stats. You will only be able to have one of those potions activated at the same time so you have to play your cards right and use the right potion for the right situation!

Potion ListEdit

Damage Potion: A potion which allows for increased damage output in combat. Increases ATK and MATK for a duration.

Gale Potion: A potion which heightens your reflexes, letting you attack and charge skills faster for a duration.

Defense Potion: A potions which hardens the skin of the person who drinks it. Increases defense for a duration.

Spirit Potion: A potion which makes energy flow faster within you. Increases mana recharge rate for a duration.

(More to be added)


  • There used to be a Health potion in early Alpha of the games story development, but was removed as it changed the way the game was played, where players had to take less care when grinding for items they want.
  • The only way to obtain a Health Potion is in Arcade mode.