Power Flower Edit

Unlike the regular Toxic Tulips, the Power Flower seemed to have gained both consciousness and terrifying powers. It was capable of harnessing the tiny amounts of sunlight that made it into the dank caves of Mt. Bloom, turning it into a powerful beam of solar energy.

Flavor Text Edit

A giant version of the Toxic Tulip, capable of harnessing solar power from cracks in the mountain.

Power Flower
Level 15
Health 26000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Mt. Bloom
Power flower sprite


Mt. Bloom cave. It is encountered during the A Tiny Little Errand quest.




Insolar Beam: The Power Flower creates a beam of light energy and continuously rotates around the room at a moderate speed. Will not stop until enough damage is dealt to it.

Insolar Beam II: When low on health, the Power Flower will create 2 beams of light energy in a straight line. The Power Flower will then proceed to rotate in the same way as the previous version. Deal enough damage to stop the attack when it starts going.

PowerFlower Portrait


The Power Flower cannot do much when the fight begins. Much like the Toxic Tulips, the Power Flower cannot act immediately, it needs to grow to enough to start attacking. Much like its peon counterpart, you will need keep attacking it to curb its growing and keep it from attacking. The main issue with this boss fight is not the actual boss but the constant enemies that hound you. Pay special attention to the Spincect enemy as they will be one of the more annoying opponents. The other major threat is the Toxic Tulips as they will keep making patches of continuous damage as well as the extra attack they gain from the boss. The main thing is to balance your attacks on both the Power Flower and its minions. Don't feel blocked in by the boss' attacks; merely take out any annoyances that block your advances and continue putting pressure on the boss. Rinse and repeat to reach victory

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