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Pumpkin Woods Edit

Upon entering the Pumpkin Woods for the first time one quickly realizes that this is a very eerie place. There rests a curse over these woods that hinders travelers from leaving these woods to the east. In order to continue further one has to first lift the curse of the Pumpkin Woods by completing a quest.


PumpkinWoods west-50Circle1Circle2Circle3Circle4Circle5
Locations (Pumpkin Woods West)
1: Evergrind Fields:South 2: Pumpkin Woods:East
3: Cave 4: Candy the witch 5: Fishing Location

PumpkinWoods east-50Circle1Circle2Circle3Circle4Circle5
Locations (Pumpkin Woods East)
1: Pumpkin Woods:West 2: Ancient Temple (Flying Fortress)
3: Bishop 4: Scarie the Scarecrow 5: Trick & Treat

Quests Edit


Misc. Edit

  • Candy-0 [ Candy ]
  • Hoodie [ Bishop ]
  • Scarie is a boss in Pumpkin Woods. He spawns Pumpkin Heads as the player fights him. A swarm of bats will also attempt to cut players' routes off as the fight goes on.
  • Trick
  • Treat

Enemies EncounteredEdit

  • JumpkinspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Jumpkin ]
  • Lantern Jacks appear as a carved pumpkin wearing a cloak. It moves slowly and attacks by shooting a fire at you. If you preform a perfect guard .against the projectile it bounces back at them.LanternjackspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Lantern Jack ]
  • ScarecrowspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Scarecrow ]
  • Ghostys appear as floating sheets and charge at the player. Performing a perfect guard against them will stop their charge right in front of the player. GhostyspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Ghosty ]
  • HalloweedspriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Halloweed ]