Rabby card
Increases your attack speed and casting speed by 3

Flavor Text Edit

Have you ever seen such a cute and cuddly funnybunny? Didn't think so! These are the softest and fluffiest creatures in the entire world! They are friendly as long as you don't whack them over their head with something.

Description Edit

Rabbys are one of the first enemies you encounter in the game, along with Green Slimes and sometimes Mrs. Bees. They're the only enemy in the game that is passive until you attack them (unless you are in the Arena). They are found on the Pillar Mountains, near Evergrind City and the Arena. They resemble brown bunnies, and can be tamed as a pet using the Golden Carrot.

Level 3
Health 110
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Pillar Mountains, Evergrind Fields:East, West & South Arena
Rabby Idle



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