Season Change is a learnable Ability and is obtained in two steps.

The first three orb types (Summer, Autumn and Winter Orbs) are enabled after defeating Fae-25QuestIndicator Update2 [ Summer & Autumn ] in the Temple of Seasons.

The Spring Orb type becomes usable after defeating === Fae Elder Winter: === QuestIndicator Update2QuestIndicator Update2 [ Winter ] Winter is the boss of the Temple of Seasons. He was corrupted by The Artifact and began a campaign of ending the cycle of seasons by forcing an eternal winter. He is encountered in The Hall of Seasons in the Temple of Seasons.

Abilities:</noinclude> Edit


Season Change enables the player to change the season of an area using stationary season orbs. There are four different types of orbs available;

  • Summer Orb
  • Autumn Orb
  • Winter Orb
  • Spring Orb

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