Season Hydra
Level  ?
Health  ?
Weakness  ?
Resistance  ?
Found in Temple of Seasons

Season HydraEdit

The Season Hydra is one of two mini-boss encounters in the Temple of Seasons.

The three heads are themed towards the seasons of Autumn, Summer and Winter. The heads will be stronger if the overall season is set to their particular season.

The player will be forced to change the overall season in order not to make one head too powerful. This boss is likely a reference to a recurring boss of the Legend of Zelda Series, Gleeok

Hydra of Autumn

Breathes spore clouds that stalk the player. After a short period of time or if the projectile hits a target the spore cloud will explode and deal damage. At the location where the cloud bursts there will spawn mushrooms that will temporarily blind the player when touched. The mushrooms are removed upon touch or if there is a season change.

Hydra of Summer

Breathes a path of fire onto the ground, aiming at the player's current location. The fire is removed upon a season change.

Hydra of Winter

Breathes an ice beam, creating icy path onto the ground, following a predefined path. When a player is hit by this beam, it freezes them and deals little damage. The icy path is removed upon a season change or in ~10 seconds.

Helpful Tips

If you equip the Frostling Shoes and change the season to winter the only danger will be the ice beam from the Winter Hydra and the normal head attacks from the other two heads, as the Frostling Shoes negate the slippery effect the ice has. However, this appears to have a reduced effect in Hard Mode, as the player will continue to slip about, albeit to a reduced degree.

Having one or all of the summons: Frosty Friend, Cloud Strike, Summon Plant on level 5 or higher can help you a lot.

Changing season will not only remove ground hazards, it will interrupt any current breath attack, ending it instantly. This can be useful if you've worked yourself into a corner. Note that changing seasons when a head is about to use a breath attack will instead cause it to immediately ram the player.

Hard Mode

As with any Hard Mode Boss, it is recommended to bring along both Damage Potion and Defense Potion to cover anywhere the player might be lacking.

The fight itself is not significantly different from Normal difficulty, aside from the Hydra heads using their ram attack more frequently, and likely having higher damage and health values overall.

During the fight, you will be able to change the season with the Season Orbs. The head corresponding to that season will become Empowered, using it's unique attack listed above. The other two heads will resort to ramming the player, with the Empowered head occasionally ramming when there are 2-3 recent applications of their floor hazard.

When the fight first starts, equip Frostling Shoes and keep to the left half of the Arena. The Summer head will spit flames, and about half way through, the Winter head will ram, providing an easy opportunity to attack. be prepared to disengage, as the Autumn head will follow up with a ram, and Summer will almost immediately start spitting fire again.

After the second flame jet, the seasonal orbs will activate. Winter is easier to predict, but even with Frostling Shoes, the ice created by the Winter head's attacks will be difficult to navigate. The Ice attack will typically follow a wave patter, starting from the far right of the room, and moving left. Subsequent uses will alternate until almost the entire floor is coated in Ice. You can typically stand wherever the beam has recently hit and avoid it altogether, but doing this whilst dodging both heads can prove tedious.

Ideally, you will destroy the Autumn, then Summer head. As each head is destroyed, the combat will become less frantic, but no less dangerous, as the Empowered head will frequently choose to ram over using it's breath attack.

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