Shadow Clone is a one-handed weapon skill currently being worked on in Secrets of Grindea.

On level one you’ll get a single clone which deals 33% of your normal attack damage, and at level two you’ll gain another clone which deals 25% of your damage. The spell type works pretty much like the Cloud Strike spell for now: after you cast it once it reserves part of your mana pool and stays active until you cast it again.


Charge Description Level Required Damage Burning/Chill(Effects) Mana Required


None Summons a single Shadow clone that follows the user. When the user initiates a basic attack the clone will also swing their weapon causing a second damage after the user's attack. The user's stats augment the clone's damage, swing speed and critical rates relating to the user; as well as any passive buffs they may have, such as chill and burn effects. 0 5(0.5 x skill lvl)% 40(1 x skill lvl)% 15
Charge bronze
The clone now deals deals slightly more damage. Improves percentage of user's stats in augment. 1 7(0.5 x skill lvl)% 40(1 x skill lvl)% 20
Charge silver
Summons 2 Shadow Clones to follow the user. Both gain improved percentage buffs of the user's stats. Also provide a chance to knockback struck enemies. 5 10(0.5 x skill lvl)% 40(1 x skill lvl)% 25
Charge gold
The Shadow Clones deal more damage, now have 70% of the user's stats for augmentation and improved rates of knockback and passive buffs. 10 15(0.5 x skill lvl)% 70% 30
Charge final
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