Shields are an item that is used to block attacks. If used right before an enemy attacks, you will perform a Perfect Guard!


Name Picture Description Stats Items used to Craft Obtainable Through

Wooden Shield

That one crappy shield you get at the start of the game. You know, to keep those pesky bees away?

Shield HP:80


Chest in the North East Cave of Startington

Sold by Blacksmithold default-0 [ Anne ]

Iron Shield
A simple shield made of relatively cheap Iron. Better than your wooden shield though! Shield HP:190 N/A Sold by Blacksmithold default-0 [ Anne ]
Barrel Shield
A piece of barrel that happened to fit perfectly as a shield. It's suprisingly sturdy! Shield HP:250 N/A Destruction of Barrels
Crystal Shield
A shield made by crystal shards formed together. Normally it's not strong, but if you Perfect Guard...

Shield HP:125

Special Effect

1x WoodenShield [ Wooden Shield ]

25x Crystalcrumbs [ Crystal Crumbs ]

2x Crystal [ Crystal ]

Energy Shield
Wispshield icon
The front shell of a Wisp, with its power core still attached! It adds power to reflected projectiles. Shield HP: 200

Special Effect

2x Power Core

10x Metal Piece

1x Crystal [ Crystal ]

Gift Shield
Shield gift
A lid of a gift box! It's realy well built. Mr. and Mrs. Claus sure know their stuff! Shield HP: 350 N/A Dropped by: Gift, Present
Winter's Guard
Winters guard
The kind of shield the Winter Knights carry around! If you perfect guard with this, enemies may freeze!

Shield HP:300

Special Effect

5x Frozen Shield Piece

10x Season Shard

1x Winter Emblem

Polished Shield A shield of great quality, polished to a shine! ShldHP: 350 N/A Sold in the Festival, Tai Ming, and Evergrind (post-Tai Ming)
Mushroom Shield
Mushroom shield
A mushroom cap that's the perfect size for a shield! Blows just bounce off it, but.... ShldHP: 525

Special Effect

N/A Dropped by: Shroomie
Thorn Worm Shield
Thornworm shield
A shield with so many pointy ends attached, enemies will regret attacking you! ShldHP: 325

Special Effect

1x WoodenShield [ Wooden Shield ]

30x Worm Teeth

20x Worm Thorn