Shroomie card
If suffering from the Blind debuff, Crit is increased by 25

Flavor Text Edit

A sort of cute and sort of dangerous mushroom found in Mt. Bloom. Watch out for the blinding cloud of spores!

Description Edit

The Shroomies are a strange breed of giant mushroom that feeds on everything from rats to humans.

They aren't very dangerous to a trained adventurer, but when killed they leave behind a blinding cloud that's annoying at best, and deadly at worst!

Level 13
Health 550
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Mt. Bloom
Shroomie sprite

Drops Edit

A mushroom cap that's the perfect size for a shield! Blows just bounce off it, but...

QuestIndicator Update2
Mushroom Shield
Creates a field of blinding mushrooms when shield is hit (unless you Perfect Guard)
Drops from

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