Snowflake Charm
If you rub this mysterious, freezing amulet, you'll have awesome snowflakes following you around!
The Snowflake Charm is a cosmetic item that when used will show a trail of ice and falling snowflakes following the player. The effect is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way.

To get the Snowflake Charm the player has to travel to Santa's house at Seasonne North . There the player has to ring the bells in the same order as the Fae do in Santa Fae .


Below Santa's house at Seasonne North

The order to this is:

  1. Middle bell
  2. Left bell
  3. Middle bell
  4. Right bell
  5. Middle bell
  6. Middle bell

After hitting the bells in this order a ledge to drop off will appear enabling the player to reach the cave entrance. Inside the cave is a single chest containing the Snowflake Charm.


Inside the cave.