Level 15
Health 1800
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Mt. Bloom
Spinsect sprite

Flavor Text

An insect with a shell made out of large crystals! A true believer in "spin to win".

Description Edit

Perhaps the most violent inhabitant of Mt. Bloom, the Spinsect will retreat into its shell at any hint of danger, and then make itself spin at extreme velocities. Its sharp, crystal shell makes it a dangerous and unpredictable tool of destruction!

Knocking it away while its spinning will cause the Spinsect to completely lose control, darting around at massive speeds damaging friend and foe alike.

Drops Edit

Spinsect card
Increases Defence by 5

Trivia Edit

  • During the boulder destruction segment, the Red Spinsects you "battle" appear to have a health pool shy of 1 million. You can't kill them though, because they seem to regenerate instantly! (Thanks to TripDering for bringing this info forward!)
    Red spinsect