Spirit Slash Damage all enemies around you with a series of lightning fast strikes. Since the attack is not performed by your physical self, the slashes may continue even after you can move again. Despite being spiritual in nature, this skill still benefits from ATK. The skill affects enemies within the ring the user creates. Enemies that enter the ring after it has been cast are sometimes not counted in the slash and will not be damaged.

The skill draws strength from creatures around you, and will become stronger if more enemies are near.



Charge Description Level Required Damage Mana Required (%)
None Bring forth your warrior spirit and unleash a series of lightning fast slashes on surrounding enemies.  0 ? 20%
Charge bronze
Adds two more slashes. 1 ? 25%
Charge silver
Adds a powerful finishing strike. 5 ? 35%
Charge gold
? ? ? ?
Charge final
? ? ? ?