Static Touch Summon a number of magical cubes that will circle around the player.

The cubes activate upon dealing physical damage, and adds a portion of your MATK to said attack. For every 2 activations, the spell will change color and become stronger. This effect stacks 3 times. If you take damage, or don't do damage for a while, the cubes will power down. The cubes can activate once every 1.2 - 1 seconds, depending on the cube's color.

If you cast this spell when you have cubes left, the cubes will be refilled, but cannot exceed the maximum of the active charge. The new cubes will gain the properties of the active version of the spell. Casting a better version of the spell will replace all cubes with stronger ones.

As a bonus, performing a perfect guard while this spell is active will give you 2 extra cubes!

The key to using this spell effectively is to keep the charges up while not running out of cubes!

Stats Edit

Charge Description Level Required Damage (MATK) Summoned Cubes (Max) Mana Required (EP)
None Charge yourself up with electricity, making you deal additional damage with your physical attacks! 0 70-95% 2 (4) 15
Charge bronze Increases the number of cubes summoned and decreases the cooldown between detonations to 1 - 0.8 seconds. 1 75-100% 3 (6) 25
Charge silver You've mastered the link between body and mind. Using a weapon skill now grants you a number of cubes matching the weapon skill's charge level!

Also increases the number of cubes summoned, the damage of each cube, and adds a 25% change to stun enemies hit by the effect for 1.5 seconds. The cooldown between activation is decreases to 0.9 - 0.6 seconds.

5 80-110% 6 (8) 35
Charge gold
Further increases the number of cubes summoned, and the cooldown between activations are reduced to 0.7 - 0.3 seconds. The stun chance is now 35%, and lasts for 2.5 seconds. 10 85-120% 8 (12) 50
Charge final
? ? ? ? ?

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