The Temple of Seasons is the second dungeon in Secrets of Grindea.

Temple entrancee

The Entrance to the Temple of Seasons

Story Edit


After freezing a fellow Fae and turning the Elders of Autumn and Summer with the power of The Artifact, Elder Winter proceeds to the Temple of Seasons to put an end to the cycle of seasons and keep Seasone, as well as the rest of the world, in an eternal winter. Naniva asks the Player to go after him and stop him 'Non-violently', much to the dismay of the other Fae. When in the temple the player progresses few a few rooms until they reach the First mini-boss of Autumn and Summer. Winter leaves the two other Fae elders to deal with the Player and Naniva while he prepares to end the seasons.

After Autumn and Summer are beaten they ask the Player and Naniva to stop Winter but to not hurt him, due to The Artifact corrupting him. They give the player the Spirit of Seasons before retreating back to the Fae village. The player then progresses through the west wing of the Temple with their new ability until they loop back around to the main entrance room and cause Summer in the room, unfreezing the Lake. When the player tries to cross to the right of the screen then the Season Hydra appears. Naniva says that the Hydra will only attack anything that isn't Fae so the player shouldn't worry. She then immediately realizes her mistake and the Second Mini-boss fight begins.

After the fight, the player gains access to the Right wing of the Temple on a quest for a key. Once the key is gained, the Player and Naniva go to the Hall of Elders and uses the key to open the back side passage to where Winter is. As the group enters, Naniva tries to use her Spring Fae magic to get past but results in causing a mishmash of the 3 other seasons and creates a gauntlet style hallway that the player must progress to advance. Once the player reaches the Balcony where Winter was the Hall of Seasons is opened and the player enters with Naniva. Monologuing occurs between Naniva and Winter which results in Naniva trying to defeat Winter by herself and Winter proceeding to knock her into the corner of the room, where she loses consciousness. The boss fight then begins after a short introduction.

Once the boss fight ends, Winter becomes enraged and causes a great wind to blow directly on the Player, freezing them solid and leaving them with 1 HP. Naniva regains consciousness and seeing the Player in fatal danger she enters the wind and proceeds to cast her Elder Fae Magic and turns the room from Winter to Spring, causing The Artifact to slip off of Winter and thawing the Player. The Artifact then tries to recruit the player in the same way the previous Artifact did but the player picks it up and stores it in The Bag of Tricks. There is a scene where Naniva talks to Winter and discovers that the Artifact took twice the power from him than he gave to it and will therefore shortly die.

Sad, Naniva ties to comfort him saying he will still live but he shoots down such notions. He then calls her Spring, as she has finally earned her title, before passing. Naniva and the Player return to the Fae Village and break the news to the other Fae. Summer and Autumn, while still grieving, are happy that Winter passed on content and that Naniva had finally become a true Fae Elder. The search for the new Winter Fae elder begins. Naniva tells the player that she must stay but still wishes to go on another adventure; making the Player promise that they will visit occasionally. The player then leaves the Fae Village to journey back to Evergrind City to hand in The Artifact and report on the situation.

Dungeon Anatomy Edit

The main mechanic of this dungeon is the possibility to change seasons.

The dungeon is designed in such a way that the player will be visiting the same area multiple times but with different seasons activated.

Enemies Edit

Enemies in the Temple of Seasons are stronger if the room is set to their season and appear as Empowered. They also gain an extra ability.

Winter Mage
Level 14
Health 440
Weakness -
Resistance -
Found in Temple of Seasons
QuestIndicator Update2
The seasonal wizard of winter in the Temple of Seasons.

Flavor Text Edit

A living, magical cloak protecting the Temple of Seasons! One of three kinds, this being Winter.

The Winter Mage attacks like the other Mages by shooting a block. When he's Empowered, he can create a shield of five blocks around him. When there are other enemies in the same room while hes Empowered, he can create the shield for the other enemies. Each block of the shield can be destroyed with a single hit from your weapon.

Drops Edit

Season Shard

Winter Emblem

Winter Mage Hat

Learnable Dungeon Abilities Edit

Spirit of Seasons: Allows the user to activate the Season Orbs within the Temple of Seasons. The powers of Summer, Autumn and Winter are obtained allowing the user to change the season and affect not only the landscape for puzzle solving, but also the enemies. As Naniva is not able to use her Spring Powers, the Orbs of Spring remain inactive; as seen in the hall with the Pictures of the Elders. The skill is obtained after the Mini-boss fight with Autumn and Summer.

Bosses Edit

Mini Bosses Edit

Fae-25QuestIndicator Update2 [ Summer & Autumn ] - Two possessed seasonal elder fae.

SeasonHydraSmallQuestIndicator Update2 [ Season Hydra ]

Changing season will not only remove ground hazards, it will interrupt any current breath attack, ending it instantly. This can be useful if you've worked yourself into a corner. Note that changing seasons when a head is about to use a breath attack will instead cause it to immediately ram the player.

Hard Mode

As with any Hard Mode Boss, it is recommended to bring along both Damage Potion and Defense Potion to cover anywhere the player might be lacking.

The fight itself is not significantly different from Normal difficulty, aside from the Hydra heads using their ram attack more frequently, and likely having higher damage and health values overall.

During the fight, you will be able to change the season with the Season Orbs. The head corresponding to that season will become Empowered, using it's unique attack listed above. The other two heads will resort to ramming the player, with the Empowered head occasionally ramming when there are 2-3 recent applications of their floor hazard.

When the fight first starts, equip Frostling Shoes and keep to the left half of the Arena. The Summer head will spit flames, and about half way through, the Winter head will ram, providing an easy opportunity to attack. be prepared to disengage, as the Autumn head will follow up with a ram, and Summer will almost immediately start spitting fire again.

After the second flame jet, the seasonal orbs will activate. Winter is easier to predict, but even with Frostling Shoes, the ice created by the Winter head's attacks will be difficult to navigate. The Ice attack will typically follow a wave patter, starting from the far right of the room, and moving left. Subsequent uses will alternate until almost the entire floor is coated in Ice. You can typically stand wherever the beam has recently hit and avoid it altogether, but doing this whilst dodging both heads can prove tedious.

Ideally, you will destroy the Autumn, then Summer head. As each head is destroyed, the combat will become less frantic, but no less dangerous, as the Empowered head will frequently choose to ram over using it's breath attack.

Alternatively, abuse a small bug in the game by changing the season to winter, then hiding above an orb. If you are in the right place, the winter hydra's breath will never hit you. Equip the Winter's Guard and Perfect Guard each hydra headbutt, then counter attack with magic and skills to deal with the now stunned head without hitting the orb. - A Seasonal Hydra with three heads.

Main Boss Edit

Fae Elder Winter: Edit

QuestIndicator Update2QuestIndicator Update2 [ Winter ] Winter is the boss of the Temple of Seasons. He was corrupted by The Artifact and began a campaign of ending the cycle of seasons by forcing an eternal winter. He is encountered in The Hall of Seasons in the Temple of Seasons.

Abilities:</noinclude> Edit

- The seasonal elder fae of winter.