The Mimics

Overview Edit

The mimics are a bosses in the Temple of Tai Ming. Despite being considered as bosses; it is actually considered to be the same entity the player is fighting. The fight consists of three phases with generally different attack patterns and abilities.

Story Edit

After beating the previous boss and being cast into the 'time between' of the Temple of Tia Ming the player then enters the prior locked door. Inside is a blue chest containing 'The Crown'. Before the player can celebrate getting the artifact, the chest comes alive and swallows it again, revealing itself to be a mimic. The fight then ensues. Once the player has defeated the Mimic and returned to their own time, they leave to report their findings to HQ.

Abilities Edit

Stage 1: Mimic Edit

Level 10
Health 9000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming
Mimic stage1 sprite
Chomp Edit

The Mimic will charge at the player, dealing contact damage. When enraged the speed at which this attack is performed increases.

Stomp Edit

The mimic will lift up and try to slam down. This can either be on the Player's head or on the floor (The yellow targets) and cause shock waves in 8 directions.

Mimic Portrait
Great Wave Edit

At low health, the Mimic will return to it's original position and create a gigantic shockwave that stretches out to fill the room. If the Player is in the bottom corner, they will not get hit as they will automatically transition in time to the next phase before being damaged.

Stage 2: Elder Mimic Edit

Elder Mimic
Level 10
Health 9000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming
Mimic stage2 sprite
Stomp Edit

Much like its previous form, the Elder Mimic will try to crush the player by hovering above them and slamming down. Unlike the prior attack, it will not attempt to strike the floor to create shockwaves.

Gobble Edit

The Elder Mimic will spew out treasure and items. This includes a line of coins. The Elder Mimic will then follow the line of coins and gobble up the items on the floor, Depending on which item it eats causes a different effect:

  • Mimic token coin
    Gold Coin: Used only as a point of reference or junction. Has no bearing on the attack.
  • Mimic token shockwave
    Gold Medal: After ingesting, the Elder Mimic will create a shockwave that spreads in the 8 cardinal directions.
  • Mimic token hourglass
    Sand Timer: After ingesting, the Player's movements will be temporarily slowed.
  • Mimic token chili
    Chili Pepper: After ingesting this, The Elder Mimic will launch Flame Balls in the air which will land at the targeted areas (Red Targets). When the Flame Balls explode they will create patches of damaging fire that linger for a short while.
  • Mimic token bomb box
    Box o' Bombs: After ingesting, The Elder Mimic will launch bombs into the air which fall in random locations. These bombs explode after a short wind-up.
MimicElder Portrait
Boom o' Doom Edit

At low health, The Elder Mimic will return to its original position and launch a flurry of bombs. They litter the entire floor and will guarantee a hit if they are to explode. Luckily, the Player transitions in time before the bombs explode.

Stage 3: Ancient Mimic Edit

Regurgitate Edit
Ancient Mimic
Level 10
Health 9000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming
Mimic stage3 sprite

The main attack of the Ancient Mimic. The Ancient mimic will expel a large number of items into the arena. These items include:

  • Minions: Upon numerous occasions the Ancient Mimic will expel foes of numerous number and location.
  • Bosses: On rare occasions, the minions spewed out by the Ancient Mimic include 2 prior bosses. These are the Gigaslime from the Collector's Exam and The Living Rune Block from Santa Fae.
  • Slime Chunks: Between waves of minions, the Ancient Mimic will expel large slime chunks. These create large patches of slowing slime when they connect with the floor. If one strikes the player, it will encase them in a slime block that the player must escape to become mobile again.
  • Boom Boom Bombs: Between waves of minions, the Ancient Mimic will expel a number of bombs. These work in the same way as the previous form's bomb use; landing and then exploding after a short while.
  • Stink Bombs: Between waves of minions, the Ancient Mimic will expel a number of small green blobs. These blobs will explode into poisonous gas when they come into contact with the ground. Their trajectory is random.
  • Missile Barrage: Between waves of minions, the Ancient Mimic will expel, for some reason, a wave of missiles. These missiles act much like GUN-D4M, launching and striking a target (Red Target) on the floor.
Regurgitate (Desperation) Edit

When the Ancient Mimic's health is entirely drain it will enter its Desperation state. At this point, for a short while, it will expel a large number of the aformentioned items in numerous waves. It will combine any number of Slime Chunks, Boom Boom Bombs, Stink Bombs and Missile Barrages in an effort to damage the player. This attack last for a short while before it erupts into its true Desperation move.

MimicAncient Portrait
Dragon's Breath (Desperation) Edit

As a final act, the Ancient Mimic will spew forth great dragon fire. This attack will work its way from the left and right sides before slowly moving in from the front and back of the arena. This will enclose the player in a small ring of fire before they are hit by it. Luckily, the fight ends before the Player is ACTUALLY hit by it; despite the graphic showing it should.

Strategy Edit

Stage 1: Mimic Edit

This phase is not too difficult. Just keep on the Mimic and use your shield to slow it down when it gets enraged. The main difficulty is the shock-waves. If you feel like you can't dodge them, then you can sacrifice your shield if you need to.

Stage 2: Elder Mimic Edit

Its back with a vengeance. For this, you will want to try and use the limitations of the boss' attacks to your advantage. When it goes for a Gobble attack, it is stuck in place, use this to your advantage to get some damage on it before it moves. When it goes for a stomp, shield or quickly dodge to get a quick opening. Don't try to stay on it for too long as it will move very quickly. Again, if the shockwaves are causing a problem, sacrifice your shield. The shock waves are larger and come form unexpected places, so don't drop your guard if you thing you are safe from them. Focus on dodging and defensive tactics and this phase shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Stage 3: Ancient Mimic Edit

Its back-er with a vengeance-er. The main benefit of this form is that it is stationary. The boss will not move to attack you, giving you a good area to work with. Focus on the minions it spawns as the minion spawning is tied to its health. Focus on the minions until they are all defeated, then go for the boss until it spawns the next wave. Doing this will ensure you aren't overwhelmed. Furthermore, the Boss' other attacks are much easier to dodge without the threat of the minions and most are very telegraphed. Most of the damage from this fight is from the minions. It's desperation attacks are very simple to avoid. Just combine your knowledge of the prior attacks and your skill at dodging from fights like Gun-D4M and Zhamla. After that, the Dragon's Breath attack is quite simple, just follow the attack as it closes in and once you are in the circle, you are done.

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