Thorn worm card
Enemies hitting you with melee attacks have a chance of taking damage

Flavor Text Edit

A huge worm with a spiky spine! It attacks from beneath while burrowed.

Description Edit

Thorn-Worms are a large species of worms native to the ruins of Tai Ming. They help the local ecosystem by devouring decomposing materials (and quite often not-so-decomposed humans and animals), turning them into fertile soil.

Their large stature is imposing, but they have no carapace and are easy to take out for any trained Collector. In combination with stronger foes, however, the erratic attack patterns of these worms can be quite annoying!

Thorn Worm
Level 16
Health 1600
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Tai Ming
Thorn worm sprite

Drops Edit

Thorn worm