Toxic tulip card
Debuffs inflicted on you have 15 % shorter duration.

Flavor Text Edit

A pretty but dangerous flower that spits out poisonous gas to deter potential threats!

Description Edit

The Toxic Tulip is technically not a tulip, but the person who first found it didn't know that much about flowers and thought Toxic Tulip had a pretty nice ring to it.

These strange plants - which actually seem pretty normal compared to things like Halloweeds - will grow and spit out poisonous spores at the first sight of a potential threat. Unlike giant flowers from the Bloomo family it doesn't seem to be sentient, but rather acts on instinct.

Toxic Tulip
Level 15
Health 1150
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Mt. Bloom
Toxic tulip sprite

Drops Edit

Toxic tulip

Toxic Tulip lobbing poisonous projectiles

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