The Toy Factory is a mini-dungeon located in Seasonne.

Story Edit

Description: Edit

Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa who both live in Seasone. Behind their house is Santa's workshop, a convenience for both of them. Despite being the wife of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus is not as friendly as her husband and has no shame in showing it. She is a plot important NPC and the giver of the Toying with Danger quest. agrees to give Fae elderspring [ Naniva ] some fairy dust if the player clears out her and Santa's Toy Factory. Luke default [ Luke ] enters the factory along with the player but gets stuck in the lobby holding up a door for the player by standing on a button. He takes an alternative route and rejoins the player a few rooms later.

After defeating a bunch of enemies and solving a puzzle the player reaches the EnragedtoymachinespriteQuestIndicator Update2 [ Enraged Toy Machine ] .

Dungeon Anatomy Edit

The Toy Factory is comprised out of five rooms with a pretty straight forward path lined out for the player.


1: Exit to Seasonne
2: Gauntlet Room 3: Bomb Conveyor Room 4: Train Trap Room
5: Enraged Toy Machine

Enemies Encountered Edit

Bosses Edit

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